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House remodeling
interior and exterior, Chicago IL

We are a small but reliable company with over 10 years of experience primarily in home remodeling, serving Chicago land area as well as North West Suburbs . We work with licensed electricians and plumbers to take care of your home in a professional matter and set reasonable rates based upon the job. We do the clean up after each project and get the job done in a timely matter. Whether you need something installed, built, fixed or maintained, we are your reliable and trusted partner for all your home maintenance, home repair, renovating, and remodeling needs.

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147 Euclid Ave
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Marcin Eliasz Construction
Remodeling interior and exterior

phone: 773 494 1424

We are fully capable of handling any job that includes installation, repair and renovating of:

faucet, water, plumbing, plumber Bathrooms remodeling
cup of coffee Kitchens remodeling
the door to the basement, cellar Basements remodeling
painting, paint, can paint, red paint, green paint for the walls, blue paint for walls Painting
cabinets, Blue cupboard Cabinets
hammer Drywall
Electrical, bulb Electrical
Plumbing, screwdriver, wrench, adjustable wrench, wrench plumber Plumbing

References of our satisfied clients are available as well as pictures of previous home remodeling work.

For free estimates, questions or referrals please contact Marcin at- 773-494-1424 or email

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Marcin Eliasz

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